Complete Web Development Bootcamp.

In this 10 days Bootcamp, you will learn 👇

Web Fundamentals.

Detailed understanding on how Internet, Domain and Hosting Works.

HTML Essentials.

HTML Document, Syntax, Lists, Typography, Structure Content and Links.

CSS Essentials.

CSS property Syntax, Classes and IDS, Typography, Layout, Layout Models, Background, Responsiveness.

WordPress in detail.

.Org and .Com difference, Themes, Plugins, WP Dashboard, Pages, Posts, Post Meta Data, Building a Website

Page builder and Theme builder.

What are Page, Theme builders. Benefits and drawbacks of each.

Custom Post UI and ACF

Creating our own Custom Posts and Custom fields to extend WordPress beyond Pages and Posts.

Oxygen Builder

Why Oxygen Builder exists, what makes it special and building websites and Web applications by learning Oxygen in detail

Awesome highlights of the bootcamp

providing what matters
  • Certificate from an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

  • Extremely affordable pricing '9$ or Rs. 649' only

  • No hosting required for Hands on Experience

  • Access to Premier WordPress Group { With Zero Spam } , support from WordPress Experts.

  • Lifetime access to Bootcamp content

  • No need to buy Oxygen Builder license for bootcamp

  • 10 days long bootcamp

  • More than 3 complete days of Building websites

Feedback from previous learners

Loved by everyone who attended



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Tamilvanan G.

A good webinar with the huge amount of knowledge, and awesome explanation so easy to grasp.

Santhosh Nadella

Very nice session

Dr. Thameem Ahmed

the bootcamp has started, but you can still you 😇 

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