Topics covered each day


why does Oxygen Builder exist? should you care?

Before diving into learning Oxygen builder, we would discuss why does Oxygen 'existence' makes sense in the first place.


exploring Post meta, custom Post Types and ACF.

Understanding the fundamentals of Post types, post meta are very essential when we are trying out Custom Post Types and ACF, so we dedicate a single day to learn these ✅


What are Page builders, theme builders and evolved theme Builders?

We discuss what are Page Builders, Theme builders and what are evolved theme builders, to better understand what we will need when designing a website.


Oxygen templating system, global things in Oxygen 

Oxygen does things a bit different, and that difference gives us performance and control. We will see how Oxygen templating works and what are 'Global Settings' in Oxygen  


Things before designing a website, global things in Oxygen

As mentioned Oxygen's difference not only brings in great control but it also encourages a better way to build websites with consistent design.


Building a website with Oxygen Builder

After briefly learning about Oxygen, we will get our hands dirty with Oxygen builder and build a simple website with Oxygen Builder. 

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